Remember that it was a morning in grade four, my mother called me up. When I looked at the watch, I was 6:40. I said to my mother angrily, "why didn't you call me earlier?" "I told you several times, you can't afford it yourself, and I'm still blaming you!" said Mom I thought that I slept too late last night. I was wrong with my mother, so I dressed up quickly, washed my teeth and had breakfast. I got up too late, my dad went to work, I could only be a mother's bike to school. It rained outside. I took up my umbrella and sat on my mother's bike. On the road, it rained heavily, although I was umbrella, but I was still drenched. I urged my mother to hurry up and my clothes were getting wet. "There are too many people on the street to ride too fast, I try to," said Mom I muttered a few times and I didn't speak. When he arrived at school, a middle-aged man rang the bell and wiped it from his mother. Mother was afraid to squeeze me to hide. She didn't notice that the gas tank on the car rack scratched her hand. Immediately, mother's fingers ran out a big drop of blood, the blood water and rain dissolved together, and her palm was red. Mom got off the car in pain, but the man had long disappeared in the crowd. I got off in a hurry and shouted, "Mom, go to the hospital!" But mom shook her head, took out a paper from her pocket, and wrapped her fingers with strength, and blood seeped out again. I was in a hurry and said, "Mom, you should go to the hospital and see it!" But mom said, "don't mind me. Go to school! Don't be late! " I said quickly, "you go to the hospital and have a look!" Mom said as she waved her hand, "yes, I see. Let's go!"