Last time we talked about Taiji master Ma Baoguo, this time we'll learn more about this Taiji master's pinecone and broad bean lightning whip.


I saw this kind of skill from a video of this "master". At the beginning of the video, only an old man in blue and white stripes appears. Yes, he is Ma Baoguo. He did not show his skills at the beginning, but took a deep breath in situ.


When he vomited half of his breath, he suddenly punched, and his feet also stepped at the speed of light in the same place, "drink! Pinecone broad bean lightning whip The whole body moved forward slowly, and the speed of punching was too fast to see clearly. If he knocked down his opponent hundreds of times in the game, no wonder he could win the game.


Then there was another leg technique. He suddenly raised his left leg and then used all his strength to kick forward, almost nine times a second. Besides, his leg didn't have a designated place to kick and changed position from time to time. I think the legendary invisible leg should be like this. The opponent was unable to resist at all, so it could be said that all three Tysons could not fight.


In addition, Ma Baoguo also appeared in a movie, the specific name of which I forgot. In the movie, Ma Baoguo, like his real identity, is also the leader of Hunyuan Taiji school. He met many opponents, but finally won the competition with his superb kung fu skills.


Our master Ma's last episode in the gym made him even more famous. That day, Ma Baoguo came to the gym to exercise. At this time, two young people came and said they wanted to compete with master Ma. Ma Baoguo agreed without thinking about it. I didn't think that the young man came up with a sneak attack, which made master Ma's eyes swollen. Our master Ma broke their nose by kicking left and right, and then went away to make them look good and beautiful!