When I am confused, you are guiding me; When I am helpless, you are with me; When I lost, it was you who inspired me... I want to say one thing to you: it's good to have you!


From the moment I was born, you have been with me. We have gone through 11 years together. You have gone from black hair to white temples. You are my best teacher and my best friend. I remember you once said, "I am your position. I am where you are!" At that time, I said with a smile, "yes! I'm your soldier. I'll be where you are! " As a matter of fact, you are always "fighting" with me.


You taught me to insist. I remember once, you took me to climb a mountain. At the beginning, I was full of energy and rushed to the front, but I didn't pay attention to your difficult steps in the back. Later, I began to gasp, a little want to give up, but you said: "persistence is victory, you are not a little man, now you will give up halfway?" I see that you are already sweating, but you still insist. My confidence increased and I finally insisted on climbing to the top of the mountain.


You taught me to be diligent. I remember that it was a summer. As soon as I got out of the elevator after school, I heard the intermittent sound of piano from home. As soon as I entered the door, I found that you were playing the little Thomson I, which I had played, one by one. I thought you were just playing in your spare time. I didn't expect that one day, two days, three days... One month, two months, three months... Every day after school, I can hear familiar notes at the elevator entrance. In order to accompany me to practice, you are learning fingering from the video every day. Xiao Tang I, Xiao Tang II, Da Tang I, Da Tang II... The speed of your progress surprised me! I have been thinking: what kind of magic tricks did you use to practice so skillfully? Once, I inadvertently read the monitoring at home, only to know that after you finish the housework every day, you begin to practice the piano tirelessly. I am moved by your diligence. At your urging, I have been practicing hard and have passed the piano test band 5 of the Central Conservatory of music.