The summer vacation was just beginning, and I was scared to death by playing cards.


“ Another round This is not my so-called "king of the rivers and lakes" best friend, sister ye, who starts to shout again.


I sighed, pulled up my friends and went straight to the battlefield.


Although Ye is Wang, she is clever in this game. Fortunately, I found out. As soon as she got the cards, she looked out like a mouse and saw the king and the little queen. She hid them in her pocket and began to shuffle and deal the cards. Her left hand holds the cards, and her right thumb skillfully draws the cards one by one. Every time, those cards can just fall in front of us.


“ Shunzi It's Ye's turn. She takes out several cards and shows them on the table. Then she has to look at me. Ah? It's my turn?! I panicked for a moment. Suddenly, I come up with a bad idea. I stretch out my hand and take the king and Xiao Wang out of her pocket without her knowing it.


The smart Ye elder sister suddenly stupefied, she saw me to a Wang fried, face really big change, two originally quite big eyes become bigger. She felt her pocket suspiciously and was surprised again.


She patted her hands around like an old aunt looking for change. When she saw us staring at her one by one in bewilderment, she had to squeeze out three words from her mouth: "I can't afford it!" But it's my turn to play, but the bad cards in my hand still make me sad. I had no choice but to play a few cards. Suddenly, she gave a silly smile, two tiger teeth in front of us, I found that things become bad. Sure enough, as soon as I finished, she held up the only four cards left in her hand and called out: "blow up! Play She was smiling like a lady of etiquette, couldn't restrain the joy on her face, and raised her head with pride. Ah, we are defeated by the "king of cards" again!