Maybe, all the encounters in the world are reunion after a long separation. This September, I became a junior high school student. In the new campus, I met a person who influenced my life.


She is my classmate and my roommate. When I saw her for the first time, I felt as if I had seen her somewhere. What a familiar feeling! We can be said to be friends at first sight, just like friends who don't want to meet again.

她就是我的同学,也是我的室友。第一次见她的情况下,我也感觉仿佛在哪儿见过她,好了解的觉得啊!我俩能够 说成一见如故,就好像是就不要相逢的盆友一样,一点也不生疏。

She is a very good student and kind-hearted. Sometimes, when something goes wrong with me, she always stops me in time. Once I did something wrong and was criticized by my teacher. At that time, I was very depressed and really wanted to cry. She came to comfort me and said, "it's OK. Don't blame yourself. If you know what's wrong, you'll be a good child! Next time, don't make such mistakes again Her comfort turned me from sorrow to joy. Once again, I did a good job, the teacher praised me, in the heart happily. She came to me and said, "great! I'm so happy for you! You have done so well, I will learn from you How lucky it is to have such a friend around at any time!


She is a person who loves to help others. Whenever I have any difficulties in learning, she will explain it to me as long as I ask her. If she tells me something I don't understand, she will repeat it twice, three times, until I know it. After that, she will test me to see if I really can. Like a little teacher.


She is such a girl with good academic performance, good popularity, no affectation and always encouraging others. Under her influence, I slowly changed my attitude towards learning, and I fell in love with learning a little bit. Because she let me know, young do not come again, to junior high school should work hard, can't play wrong learning. Thank God for meeting such a nice person. I'm really proud to have such a good friend as her. Her words and deeds have influenced me.