Our PE teacher has black curly hair, like a few bowls of hot instant noodles on his head. He is 185cm tall and weighs more than 170 Jin, but he is very timid. Why don't you believe it? Listen to me.


It's also a long-awaited PE class. The students stand in a row in order and follow the rhythm of the teacher lazily, doing funny and ugly gymnastic movements, "12345678, 223456...!" The students looked up to the sound source inexplicably, when we did not react, we saw that the tall and strong figure "brush" disappeared without a trace, only the residual echo floated in the air lonely "mouse... Drive away...", the students were all stunned. In front of my eyes, there was still the shadow of the mouse, who had been scared away by the roar of the physical education teacher. I don't know who can't help laughing. Suddenly, it seems that some kind of mechanism has been untied, and the whole class burst into laughter. At this time, the teacher came out with a serious face, "class!" His voice was strong and strong, which seemed different from him before. What he didn't know was that his red ears had already betrayed him.


Physical education teacher's skills - thousand mile eye and smooth ear are also quite powerful, and they can always put some "demons" on the right path. No small action can escape his two magic weapons. No one knows, no one knows!


We are listening carefully to the teacher's speech, Xiaoming and Xiaohong, the two "troublemakers" began to ignore the teacher and classmates, and began to talk as if there were no one else. Look, the first magic weapon of P.E. teacher shunfenger will never be late. Once again, he accurately captured the voice of the students. The second magic weapon "Qianliyan" successfully "joined forces". His eyes were fixed on Xiaoming and Xiaohong, and they were numb. The teacher moved his eyes.