My mother said that my grandfather is like a big tree and I am like a naughty monkey. I grew up on my grandfather.


I went to kindergarten, and my grandfather picked me up at the school bus stop every day. In the morning, my grandfather held me in his right hand, carrying a schoolbag on his left shoulder, and trotted all the way to the station. Sometimes I will carry on the shoulder "by plane". When the school bus arrived, my panting grandfather would always hand me to the teacher carefully and tell me: "pay attention to safety and listen to the teacher." When the school bus started, my grandfather stood outside the window and kept waving to me. Until the school bus drove away, I saw my grandfather standing there through the window. After school in the afternoon, I came back by school bus and saw my grandfather standing at the station from a distance. He must have come for me early. In my grandfather's daily watching, waiting and trotting, I went to primary school.


I went to primary school, and my grandfather's electric car became my "school bus". My grandfather rides me to and from school, rain or shine every day. Every time he sent me to the school gate, helped me carry a good bag, told me: "to listen attentively, study hard." After school, my grandfather would walk back and forth on the familiar pedestrian street outside the school gate about an hour in advance, waiting for me to finish school. The teacher led us out of the school, I was submerged in the sea of people. My grandfather's blurred eyes soon found me and came to me. He would take the heavy schoolbag on my shoulder, put it on his shoulder, help me to the car and take me home.