"The best friend, who laughs at each other at ordinary times, is the one with the strongest mouth, but the one with the softest heart when you need it most. My good friend Wang Yinuo is such a person.


It was a sunny afternoon, and my good friend Wang Yinuo and I went to the stadium to play badminton. There are many people in the club. We go to the pre-determined field, take out the badminton racket and start playing. Badminton flies in the air, like a bird flying in the air. Just then, Wang yino suddenly played a very low good ball, I hurriedly stepped out a big step, reached for pick up. "Ga la" a sound, not good, my right foot sprained! "Ah......" I screamed, tears suddenly rolled out like a flood opened.


"What's the matter?" Wang Yinuo rushed over with an arrow step. "Pain Pain... " I can only say this word in pain, but tears keep falling. "Don't worry, I'll help you find something like ice to apply." Just finished, she ran out like a fawn. After a while, she saw a wet towel and a bottle of iced mineral water in her hand. She skillfully wrapped the iced mineral water in a wet towel, rolled up my trouser legs, and took off my socks. "Fortunately, I learned the first aid knowledge from my mother!" Wang Yinuo said as he gently applied a wet towel wrapped with iced mineral water to my right foot sprain. Suddenly, a trace of cold through the wet towel, spread to the place where I was injured. Originally, the hot feeling on the feet was relieved a lot. "How are you? Do you feel better?" she asked with concern. "Well, I feel much better, thank you, Yinuo!" I breathed a sigh of relief.