Sitting in the examination room, I saw the title of this composition, and my Chinese teacher came to mind.


Obedience - Preparation


Entering the first class of junior high school Chinese, the teacher introduced himself and then told us the meaning of obedience. This obedience is not that obedience. It's not that parents ask you to take out the garbage, water the flowers and fold the quilt. Instead, we should pay attention to the meaning of "words" and what teachers say in each class. We should listen to the fact that Chinese is boring and boring, and there is nothing wrong with saying that it is fun. But no matter what, we should listen to the teacher, obedience is the preparation of the game.


Quality - process


I still remember that was the day of the second day of junior high school, the teacher sent our weekly notebook down. According to the routine in the past, one of the assignments on Saturday and Sunday is to write a weekly note and extract one, so I extracted one in advance. However, the next day, when the teacher was in Chinese class, he said that because we had already extracted the model articles from the books, we didn't need to extract them. We only kept weekly notes. At that time, my heart was very uncomfortable. I spent more than half an hour to extract the composition, but I had to tear it up in the end, but it also reflected the rationality of the teacher's requirements for us. Quality is the process of the game.

  你是否还记得那一次是上初二的一天,教师把大家的周记本发过出来。依照过去的招数,周六日的工作中一定会有一项是让写一篇周记,而且摘录一篇因此 我也提早摘录了一篇。殊不知,第二天,教师在上语文课堂的情况下说由于摘录书本上的范例大家都大部分都早已摘录过去了,因此 就无需摘录,只留周记了。我那时候的内心是十分的不舒服,花了大半个多钟头的摘抄作文,到头来还得撕下但这也展现了教师对大家的规定的有效之处。品质是赛事的全过程。

Review - Sprint


Unknowingly, we have reached the third grade of junior high school, facing a large number of questions, as well as various types of questions: the recitation of literature, mathematical and chemical problems, all kinds of experiments, the suffering of sports. It seems that all kinds of sentence structures in English are not static. Chinese is not simple, but I think of a teacher once said: we should be obedient in class. This sentence has been supporting me up to now. Now we are all obedient under the leadership of our teachers. The review of junior three is not very boring. Review is the sprint of the game.