Every one of us will meet all kinds of people on the road of growth. Some let us grow, some teach us the truth of life, and some help us personally. These people certainly have the greatest help and influence on us. And the person who influenced me most was my youngest father.

  大家每一个人到发展的路面上都是会碰到各式各样的人,有的使我们发展,有的教會大家人生道理,有的则以身作则的协助大家,这种角色毫无疑问有对大家协助较大 ,危害深刻的。而一件事危害深刻的人是我的幺爹。

My youngest brother is my father's youngest brother. When I was young, my family was very poor. My father's work only covered our family's living expenses, while most of my study expenses were lent to me by my youngest father. Every time I had no money and had to pay tuition, my youngest father was the first one to think of. My deepest impression was when I was in the third year of junior high school, the most important year, but my grades plummeted in that year, from the previous few to the bottom 20. I believe you must have a concept in your mind, that is, the middle school students in the middle, the teachers no longer care about you, and the students gradually alienate you, which also reflects a reality, whether in society or in school In the school, those who do well will always get superior treatment. Because of the problem of achievement, I have been decadent for a long time. Once my youngest father found out this phenomenon, he taught me to his family and told me a lot. Maybe my grades were declining, and they also had a reason. Maybe they didn't care too much about my learning problems, because they didn't understand a lot of knowledge. The most impressive sentence is "you are good at reading, not for me, not for your parents, but for you to have more choices in the society in the future. With the power of choice, you can have a better life."