You hold my hand, through the streets, through the field path, our hearts are closely linked, mom, growing up on the road, it's good to have you


The title


A fluffy child


"Come on, step on the pedal slowly." my mother supported the bicycle behind me and gently said to me, "Mom, I'm afraid." I looked at the auxiliary wheels on both sides, and my heart was still at sixes and sevens. My mother put her hand on my head and lovingly said, "child, the future road is impossible for my mother to accompany you forever. You must face the difficulties bravely." I was only five or six years old, and nodded in ignorance, and my mother let me go When I started, I tried to ride a bicycle for the first time in my life. There were auxiliary wheels on both sides. It was not hard for me to ride. When I turned around, I saw my mother laughing behind me


Love of cardamom


The moon alone in the sky, light scattered to the black night. I looked at the hill like homework in front of me and sighed. At this time, the door opened and my mother came in. She handed me a cup of milk tea and said, "have a cup of milk tea first, and then do my homework later." I let out a "um". I put down my pen and began to drink milk tea. Suddenly I saw a white hair on my mother's head. Since I was in junior high school, it seems that I haven't chatted with my mother for a long time. I want to know Thinking about it, my eyes blurred, and I immediately turned away from her. Yes, I grew up, mom, but old.


Mature and steady


"Cough, cough" every cough, throat pain, is about to final exam, but at this time cold, I find out cold medicine, take warm water to drink, sleep in bed, trance, heard mother's voice, I difficult to open eyes, see my mother is watching my thermometer number, I said to my mother, "Mom, you come back" Mom blame me to say "you child Son, I don't say a word when I get sick. If I don't come back and take things, you burn it. "Mom, I'll take care of myself when I grow up." you are my daughter and I'm your mother. In this sentence, I ran away in tears and hugged my mother and cried.