Still remember, the first sight was in the summer of 13 years, when a quick glance at that time surprised me all my childhood. Your smile and song have been reflected in your mind from then on. At that time, I was still young and didn't care much about it, just thought that my brother was really cute. When you are a passer-by, I never thought that later you will become such an important person in my life, haunted by dreams.


In the dance practice room, the children of 11-2 years old are training the reinforcement of each member. Your dance skills are the worst of all, and flexibility is not good. The ruthless dance teacher pulls your legs apart, and the bleak screams ring through the studio. The crystal tears fall from your eyes. You are stubborn and biting your lips, and you are reluctant to make any more noise. Hands are held tightly, sweat and tears flow into the mouth, salty and bitter. Pain, it's really good pain. You still persevere to the end and finally pull the bar to succeed. The smile on the young face, pure eyes are dotted with a full of stars, bright and shining. In fact, you are not a crying child.


I still remember the first time you recorded the program at that time, your round little head and big eyes showed great confusion. Seems to be wondering, through these dark machines, can people see me? Say not nervous, it must be deceiving, your restless heart pounding. The mutual comfort and encouragement of the three people made you relax a lot, and you performed very well after you came on stage. Step by step, you came into people's view, and I got to know you bit by bit.