In life, there are many things I have long forgotten, but that one thing deeply left an indelible trace in my heart.


It was a winter two years ago. It had just snowed and it was very cold. Dad bought me a pair of cotton padded shoes. In a PE class, I accidentally slipped and broke a hole. This weather must wear cotton padded shoes, but it's not cost-effective to buy another pair, so my father is going to take me to the old man who mends shoes.

  那就是两年前的一个冬季,天刚下完一场雪,天气冷的很。爸给我买了一双棉靴,在一节体育课程的情况下,一不小心一不小心滑破了一个贷款口子。这一气温毫无疑问要穿棉靴,可再买一双又划不来,因此 父亲提前准备带我一起去那一个修鞋子的老年人那边补鞋。

I usually don't mend shoes. Once these shoes are broken, they won't be warm when they are sewn, and they leak air. Moreover, they may cost several times as much in winter. To tell you the truth, I would rather buy a pair of shoes than sew them. So Dad took me, I was very reluctant, when we got to the shoe repair stand, the old man was closing the stand, ready to leave. After knowing the situation, the old man took a look at the dim sky and decided to mend my shoes with thread and needle.


At this time, it began to snow outside, blowing like the wind, like a needle, straight into people's bones. The old man sewed the shoes meticulously. I was wearing gloves, and I had to put my hand into my pocket. The old man's hand was red with cold, and he pricked his finger, oozing a little blood. He didn't stop, but from time to time he put his hand to his mouth to breathe. When the sewing was almost finished, the old man saw that there were several lines of stitches that were not even, removed all the stitches, and then sewed them even harder, saying: "in this weather, children's shoes are not solid." I didn't see any words in my eyes. I turned my body to one side and thought it was not for the sake of collecting more money.