She is not a cloud, but she will make your life colorful; she is not a spray, but she will boost your growth; she is not a bed, but she will let you worry when you are tired; she is not a sharp blade, but she will let many of your difficulties disappear!


She used her chest to block the ferocious and bloody rain for you; she used her shoulders to resist the ensuing difficulties for you; she used her hands to clear countless roadblocks and traps for you; she used her feet to wade through the muddy and dark mountains and rivers for you!



"Tick", "tick", "tick" Late at night, the lights of streets and alleys and buildings of different heights all fell asleep. In the open street, only the cold wind freely walked through under the shadow of darkness, rolling up leaves falling from trees.


No, wait, there are still people who haven't slept. Look, inside a tall office building towering into the cloud, there is a faint light flickering. The source of the light is a laptop still working late at night, and its user is a well-dressed woman. She has a long hair as vertical as noodle soup, a pair of glasses is not high degree inlaid on both sides of her heavily makeup face, she clenches her teeth, the lipstick also hugs together under the pressure of lips, her black uniform not only outlines her attractive figure, but also shows her identity - she is a white-collar.

  不,这些,也有人沒有睡,看,在一栋耸入云空间的又高又大办公楼的內部,有一丝很弱的灯光效果在一闪一闪的亮着。灯光效果的来源于是一台在深更半夜依然工作中的笔记本,而它的使用人,是一位服装得当的女士。她拥有 一头如清汤挂面般竖直的长头发,一副近视度数算不上高的近视眼镜嵌入在她艳妆的容貌两边,她咬紧着牙,那擦抹着鲜丽的唇膏也在嘴巴的挤压成型下相拥在了一起,的身上的灰黑色工作制服在刻画出她诱惑身型的另外也说明了她的真实身份——她是一位上班族。