There is a woman in everyone's life, she may be very strict, maybe very kind, maybe like to lose her temper, maybe wordy But anyway, we all love her. She is our mother.


"Let's go, let's go, the supermarket will be closed soon!" My mother dragged me downstairs. She always did. I raised my hand and looked at my watch: "it's only six o'clock, and the supermarket doesn't close until nine o'clock!" Mother pushed the bike and said, "it's no harm to go early! Don't forget you still have homework With that, she got on her bike and went away. I put on my shoes as soon as possible, and I had to ride my bike to catch up with my mother.


Riding on the road, my mother's speed slowed down. "Slow, slow!" Mother said loudly and rang the bell to remind me. "What's the matter?" I'm a little impatient. "You're going shopping like an old lady!" Mom said: "driving and cycling are the same thing. We should see the road and listen to it! Otherwise, you will also become those "road killers!" I rolled a white eye, say: "isn't mom also equally prosperous?" While she was talking, her mother's front wheel hit the sidewalk, and she almost fell off the car


Along the way, my mother and I quarreled and finally arrived at the supermarket. I put down the car ladder and saw that my mother was still in the same place, smiling awkwardly, "I seem to have forgotten the car lock..." As soon as the words came to an end, my mother turned her eyes, and I knew that she had come up with some ghost ideas. Sure enough, "you go to buy them first, I'll pay for them, and then we'll hand them over!" With that, she stood at the door like a door god, and the number of "furtive" people immediately decreased.