If there is something in my memory, it's my grandfather. The style of the brand, the attitude of indifference in my heart.


Maybe the children in the countryside are raised in captivity. I was raised in captivity since I was a child. It's stocking, but it's not like stocking. My parents asked my grandfather to look after me, but I didn't feel like being raised except for eating. It's like a child wandering outside. I know that my grandfather is old and can't take care of me so carefully any more. But I'm noisy by nature, so my grandfather must be very helpless.


Although my grandfather didn't care much about me, he was excellent to me. It was my grandfather who had retired and could have lived a comfortable life with his pension. But he seldom spends his money on himself. Instead, he spends his money on our books and food. At that time, I was too naive. I always thought that my grandfather was very rich. I always asked him for pocket money. Until one day, my mother told me that in fact, my grandfather was poor all his life and worried all his life. In the end, he was not willing to spend money on himself. At that moment, I felt a little bitter in my heart.


As I grew up, I also went to junior high school and had my own good friends. One day, when my good friend and I went to the street to go home, I saw my grandfather sitting on a chair to rest, and his feet were food and learning tools for us. At that moment, I don't know why I felt that my grandfather was lonely and seemed to be much older.