"I'm taking my girl out for a walk again?" Others asked, but I was a bit embarrassed, after all, she is my grandmother.


When I was a child, the person who accompanied me most was not my mother, but my grandmother. My mother did not die, nor did she go out to work, but just threw me to my grandparents.


My grandmother doesn't seem to have changed over the years. It's always a very gentle attitude. In my impression, did my grandmother do anything that moved me. But she has been moistening my life like warm water.


But there is one thing I remember very much, that is when I played games and got a lot of money, I almost went out for more than 300 yuan at that time. At that time, I thought the game was very interesting, so I poured money into it. The money disappeared like water. I felt very guilty and hid my mobile phone.


When my grandfather asked me where you were on my cell phone. I don't know what to say. Grandma saw my difference. Ask me gently what happened. I still dare not say. Grandma said: "when you want to say it, just say it. "


After a few days, my cell phone almost stopped working. I finally got up the courage to explain the situation to grandma. It's strange that grandma didn't blame me at that time. Very gentle help me to make up the money for my mobile phone.


Then I'll never spend money like that again. Once I heard a conversation between grandma and grandfather. "Child, why don't you blame her for spending so much money."