"Green reeds, White Dew for frost, the so-called Yi people, in the water side."


Bailu, should be the most poetic solar term. From summer to Bailu, the weather is less anxious in summer and more warm and quiet in autumn. The world seems to grow from a lovely and lively child to a quiet girl, which is very elegant.


Sister Ajie is very fond of such weather. As early as I was a child, she said to me, "Hey, little ACO, you know what? Bailu had a beautiful day Her bright eyes burst out a dazzling light, and she continued: "I guess I can see white dew that day - usually I can only see transparent on that day, but this time it's different. I made a wish to the Jade Emperor's grandfather! Hey, hey, little ako, do you want to see it? Let me tell you, white dewdrops are just like white pearls. They are so beautiful... " Her words crackled like a small pot of beans. I blinked and asked, "but, sister, will it be very cold that day?"


She narrowed her small eyes cunningly: "why, are you still afraid of the cold? Ah! Put on more clothes and I'll take you! "


"But my mother-in-law won't..."


"Ah, it's all right. It's a big deal!


It's a deal, but I haven't made it. My father picked me up. Before Bailu arrived at that time, ah Jie cried and stuffed the Dogtail grass that she didn't know where it was from into my hand. She always did this. She was just learning from the poets in books. Every time she was separated, she would "break the willows and send them to my old friends", but I found it boring.