< p > I haven't been like this for a long time. I sit quietly and peacefully in front of the lamp full of memories, gazing at the pain in my life and the scar that hasn't been healed.

In those days of wasted time, I was far away from my dream, lost pursuit, and withdrew from the supreme field of thought. The vulgarity and hypocrisy submerged in the vast sea of people, and the desolation of my ideological home almost made me decadent. I had so many illusory dreams and gone through so many infatuated and failed roads. I was as sad as I was, but I was still wandering on the edge of dream and reality, collapsing Struggling with the vortex of hope.

In such a moving season of youth, there is endless pallor. In the most perfect season of life, in the most innocent and never reappearing years of youth, I let my youth get scarred in tears. When I face the mystery in books that can't be solved, when I can't face up to the faces that are full of heartache, pity and contempt, I think that I can't help myself I can never get rid of the pain when I failed. < / P > < p > I always think that sadness won't last long, scars won't be too long, I always think that I can face all the gains and losses of failure strongly, and I always think that after a short period of pain, there will be brilliant sunshine. Wrong, late, always like to imagine success is very good, the failure described very relaxed, but tears told me the answer. < / P > < p > as time goes by, what flows away is youth, what flows away is time, what cannot flow away is regret. In the process of giving up again and again, in the process of starting again and again, and in the process of "letting nature take its course" again and again, youth is so vague and far away, and youth is gradually getting old. < / P > < p > when I walk alone on a cold and dark road, the cold wind blows up my black hair, and my heart is filled with sad images, and there is no place to stretch my happiness. Alone to the starry sky, the heart is the same sad, the same desolation, but there is no disturbance of the heart ups and downs, boundless, looking into the distant sky, the peace of the heart makes me moved.
the night is quiet and the road is deeper.