My grandfather is nearly seventy this year. He is not tall and thin. He is a real farmer. Grandfather said that he only went to school for a few days and didn't know as much as half of my words, but his favorite thing in his spare time was reading books and newspapers.


Grandfather loves reading. But there were always some words he didn't know, so he always came to my room with a book and asked me. I took out a heavy dictionary and put it in his hand. He frowned suspiciously and showed his embarrassed look. oh Grandfather is illiterate! So I picked up the dictionary, turned to the first page, and began to give grandfather a detailed explanation. While I turned the page, I gave an example, always worried about looking at my grandfather, and he gave me a firm look, flashing light“ Well, what's this for? " His rough fingers pointed somewhere in the book. I answered him quietly with patience I had never had, as if the time I spent with my grandfather at the moment was extra leisure. A few days later, a dictionary was turned rough by my grandfather, but my grandfather mastered the method of looking up the dictionary skillfully. Now when he read books and newspapers, he must first take his "magic weapon" and truly realize "barrier free" reading.

祖父是喜欢读书的。可总会有一些字不认识,他就总捧着书跑来我屋子不辞劳苦地了解我,我便取出一本沉重的词典放到他手上,他疑虑地皱皱眉头,难堪的神情显现出来。哦!祖父是不识字的呀!因此我拿出词典打开第一页,逐渐给祖父做详尽的解读。我一边换页一边举着事例,总担忧的望一望祖父,他便回我一个深邃的眼睛,闪耀着光辉。“咦,那这儿是做什么的?”他粗糙的手指导点书本上的某点。我就用从沒有过的细心静静的回应他,好像此时和祖父在一起的岁月是分外的空闲。不几日一本词典被祖父翻得毛毛糙糙的了,但是祖父熟练地把握了部首查字典的方式 。如今他阅读书籍时当以带上他的“宝物”,真真正正的完成了“无阻碍”阅读文章。

My grandfather likes reading books and newspapers, and he also likes to tell us what he read. Every time someone comes to our home or chats with a few people at our door, the most exciting thing we talk about is my grandfather. He talks about history and culture all over the world. It seems that he knows everything. It's amazing! Recently, my grandfather fell in love with a book about Zhou culture. Everyone talks about how the Duke of Zhou, King Tai of Zhou and King Wu of Zhou govern the country and level the world. I admire my grandfather's interest in learning.