Silent night, only accompanied by moonlight, light against the window, window sill seems to be plated with silver, stretched out a slender hand, little silver light sprinkled on the hand. Eyes fell out of the window, the moon dressed in silver gauze, gentle and elegant, noble and generous. Her face, like a white jade carved face, leaves a soft smile through the sweet scented osmanthus, and spreads fragrance. I think of my teachers. They are like the bright moon. They add radiance to our stars and lead us forward.


Since ancient times, there have been countless people praising teachers. For example, people use Li Shangyin's famous sentence "silkworms die, and wax torches become ashes, and tears begin to dry" to praise teachers' selfless dedication. There are also "Ode to red candle", "Candlelight" and other chapters praising the teacher. However, I deeply feel that teachers are far more eternal than candles, illuminating others, but also sublimating themselves; Even if the teacher is said to be a silkworm, it will not be the end of life after spitting silk, because the next generation of silkworm, the next generation... Will pass on the knowledge forever. This kind of "silk" will never spit out one day, isn't it a long picture?

从古至今,有成千上万的人赞美教师,如大家用李商隐名句“春蚕到死丝方尽,蜡炬成灰泪始干”来赞美老师甘于奉献的精神实质。也拥有《红烛颂》、《烛光》等讴歌汽车教师的章节。殊不知,我倍感教师远比焟烛更永恒不变,点亮他人,却也提升了自身;即便 老师被称做蚕,吐完丝以后也不会是性命的结束,由于有蚕的下一代、下下一代……将专业知识永恒不变的传送下来,这类“丝”始终都不容易有吐尽的一天,这难道说并不是一幅细细长长画轴吗?

We love teachers not only because of their spirit, but also because of their hard work. The stars at night are beautiful, the teaching building at night is quiet, but where does the light come from? It's you. It's you. In the quiet office, there was only the rustle of the pen tip across the white paper, and the words flashed tired. You haven't closed your eyes for several days. Your eyes are black. How can we make you do so much for us? Are you still busy for our monthly exam? Why do you still refuse to give up? Mingming has failed so many times... Since you became our head teacher, you are more and more busy, how many dawn, accompanied by the dawn; How many dusk, stepping on the sunset.