To my parents


My parents. They are all members of the senior league who are over 70 years old. I'm old, but I'm not old at all. Now their children are in middle age. Grandson. With grandchildren and granddaughters, some of them are married and some of them are still studying. Don't worry about it. Now is a good time to enjoy the happiness of family.


My parents are very filial to my grandmother, who has been paralyzed in bed for 13 years. Grandma's care before she died, we should not want to know it! After that, my grandmother left soon after she was 90 years old. So in my big family, all the family members are filial to their elders. From ten years ago. That's when grandma died. The children were afraid that the two elders would see things and think of others, so they encouraged them to travel together. And then there is every year, in the free time of life after every reunion with their children. The annual trip to visit relatives and friends and travel is the happiest thing for the elderly.


The first stop of this year's second elder is. Back home. Go to the wedding party of my little aunt and son and get together with my family. There is an old mother in my hometown, my grandmother. And my uncles and aunts, and a lot of sisters and brothers.


Every time they travel abroad. Will pack up their own bags. Brothers and sisters and me. Will give them enough pocket money and carry on items and medicine. Help them to take care of their family before they go out. Take care of your home, and what we have to do is. Let them go out carefree and happy, satisfied and back.