"Be persistent when you play go!" Go teachers often say this to us. Before, I didn't quite understand the meaning, but that time, I firmly remember it.


It was a fierce game. On August 13, 2019, the Shaanxi Weiqi promotion competition held in Lintong officially kicked off. I'm in a three to four game. Early in the morning, the teacher took us to the game. After a brief introduction of the rules of the game, he emphasized that "we must persevere when playing chess!" We all confidently guarantee to the teacher: we must persevere and never lose in the middle!


How time flies! In the twinkling of an eye, the first round of intense competition began. My opponent is short and thin. He looks very "weak". I thought in my heart that I would definitely win against such a weak person, so I began to play chess with confidence. Two sharp, high sharp, magic knife and so on these complex set, I walk without thinking. It's going to be in the middle soon. Eh, it seems that the situation is not quite right. I made a quick judgment of the situation, and I was at a disadvantage! If you make a mistake in the future, you will lose. I am anxious to turn around, just like the ants on the hot pot. Do I admit defeat or persevere now? At this time, I think of the goddess of victory that the teacher of go often tells us. The magic weapon of the goddess of victory is to use a calm heart, think carefully, and calculate more. If all these things are done, the victory will be for you. Thinking about it, I returned to the state of the match, carefully analyzed the situation of the match, carefully walked every step, every step, I seriously thought about the opponent's best response, in this way, step by step to the official, this is the most important stage, we must be careful! I've really taken over the officials. Finally, the number of chess, I beat the opponent half an eye, so dangerous ah, fortunately I chose to persevere!