Time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, in the past ten years, when I grow up and return to my hometown, I will be stunned by the changes in my hometown. I feel that I have entered a fairyland.

ten years later, in my hometown, trees are full of shade, flowers are in full bloom, the scenery is pleasant, the trees on the mountain are luxuriant, and the river is clear. People in my hometown will take a walk on the mountain in the morning and after dinner to exercise, because people have realized to protect the environment and nature, and build a beautiful home with a healthy lifestyle.

ten years from now, the sky in my hometown will be blue, and the white clouds will be changeable, sometimes a horse, sometimes a smiling face, sometimes a big lollipop... It's a feeling you'll never get tired of.

ten years from now, the houses will be neat and the roads will be clean and straight. Roadside trees, flowers and plants are standing according to their own posture. When you pass by, you will feel that roadside trees seem to say: Welcome home.

ten years from now, the number of vehicles in my hometown will be significantly reduced, because people know that more vehicles will affect the air quality and people's health.

ten years from now, my hometown will change a lot. I'm looking forward to...






  十年后的故乡,转变 一定会非常大非常大,我希望着。。。

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