She is a Chinese teacher. When I started school, I saw a Peugeot miss. She has big eyes. I didn't expect that she would be my Chinese teacher. She is warm-hearted and witty. I like her.


When she left our class for the first time, I thought: Wow, beautiful man! Stranded for a moment, the picture recalled that she took us to the dormitory of the primary school. I caught a glimpse of her as if I had caught a glimpse of my family, and she also caught a glimpse of me. Our eyes showed us that I laughed, and so did she. I was called to the platform for interaction for the first time by her. I didn't want to go on, but I had no choice but to go on. There were two boys with me. One boy loved Chinese very much and eventually became her class representative. But I still respected her as well. She was the teacher most loved by Paul's students. Naturally, I liked her more than ever.


Once, class is very noisy, I called a "quiet"! She encouraged me to say, "good boy." I was so happy at that time. My achievements in Chinese were not disordered, high or low. I feel I'm not good at this subject and I'm sorry for her. Although I am not so fond of Chinese, but she let me like Chinese. I like her.


When we were watching the reciters, she was reciting an article in the novel climate to us. I was excited by her recitation. I also saw her wiping tears from the corners of her eyes with paper. She also had a rational side! I respect her.


She's always witty, but sometimes she gets angry. She is still close to us. She has a healthy atmosphere. Her class is not rigid at all. We can listen to each class with her thoughts, but sometimes we are bored and take a nap. I try not to take a nap.