There is a father who works hard in the front line. He goes out early and comes back late every day. He takes his unit as his home and takes pains as his pleasure. He writes his father's glory with responsibility and responsibility.


In my impression, he has become a normal person to work overtime. He is on duty to prepare for duty, patrol day and night, carry out surprise inspections, prepare materials for meetings, prevent floods and fires, receive visitors, mediate disputes among residents, and enforce laws on land requisition and demolition.


One summer vacation, I went to his construction site and saw my father do the whole process of design and binding... In the hot sun, he climbed up and down to install the template to the designated position. Because of the sun exposure and long working hours, he began to sprout sharp packets. I love him and let him have a rest. However, he said, it's just "heat poison". Take some medicine and have a rest.


I couldn't help choking and asked him, "Dad, is this the first time I have a bag on my body?"


He evaded my question in silence.


I think, for him, "heat poison" upper body is definitely not once or twice. My tears rolled in my eyes.


Usually, I can only video chat with him. Once, suddenly open the video, his wrinkled face actually let me a little don't recognize! As soon as he saw me, my father began to laugh. It seems that the hard work of the day is resolved at this moment. I talked with him for more than an hour, he has been laughing, can not hide the joy of heart! Considering that he will get up early tomorrow, I reluctantly hung up the video, listening to the voice of the video hanging up, thinking about him in the video, my tears came down. My father loves me very much. Although he only comes back a few days a year, those days are my happiest days.