Time flies, happy summer vacation is coming. My mother asked her friend to go to Hong Kong with me. Of course, by the way, I brought my friend's daughter, a girl my age but several months older than me. I called her sweet sister.


Sister Tiantian is as tall as me, with big eyes and curved eyebrows like the moon. Her skin is a little black, and her face has a little freckles. The most characteristic is that she has two deep dimples. Especially when you laugh, the dimples are as deep as a drill, very cute.


Listen to my mother said sweet sister is a true bully, her learning ability is particularly strong, but also a wide range of interests, in school is a celebrity. She loved to play tiktok, live and play live, many things I didn't know. During our days in Hong Kong, the two of us stuck together every day, with joy and vitality. I suddenly adored her a little bit. But I found that in addition to learning well, she also has many shortcomings, such as love stinky beauty, love to lose temper. It can be described as "changeable", which is really unpredictable.

听母亲说甜甜的亲姐姐是个实实在在的尖子生,她的自学能力尤其强,还知识渊博,校园内里是个知名人士呢。她喜欢玩抖音短视频,喜欢玩直播间,许多全是我也不知道的物品。在中国香港的日巷子里,大家两个每天粘在一起,有快乐也是有发火。我忽然有点儿钦佩她了。可是我发现了她除开学习好,也是有很多缺陷,例如爱爱美,爱发脾气。简直可以用“变幻无常”能够 描述,确实令人琢磨不透。

I remember one time when I was eating in Hong Kong, she suddenly told my mother that she would sleep with me at night, but my mothers didn't agree and I kept silent. But sister sweet had an attack right away. See her tight brow, black face, Du wear own small mouth son, eyes put tears to shout a way: "don't agree to break up, adults are big bad egg." Then he turned his head and threw things away, ignoring everyone. Well, I had to pick up what she had thrown and comfort her. It took her a long time to recover.