In the breeze of the Southern Song Dynasty, your poems are graceful and fresh.


You once had the shyness and shyness of "leaning on the door and looking back, but smelling the green plum", and also "straying into the deep lotus roots" without knowing your way back. At that time, you should be so leisurely and full of vision for the future.


Finally, he brought you appreciation and love, that time together, how happy you are. It's a pity that the reunion is too short, so there are many thoughts of parting in your poems. In the thinking building full of moonlight when the "wild geese return", it can't hold your "just eyebrows" and your thoughts


With concern for you, that person left you early, so in your poems, there appeared "searching, cold and desolate, miserable". How many thoughts are there in these poems that people can't bear to read!


In the days when the country was broken and the family died, you wrote down, "life is a hero, death is a ghost.". It's so heroic that we can hardly believe that it was written by you or by the weak woman in the Acacia parting. Yes! Who would dare to say that you only know how to write about leisure and sorrow? You have also remembered the rise and fall of our country! It's a pity that mountains and rivers are broken. Can a weak woman change it? You can only write everything in poetry


Qingzhao, just like the name, you have left a high praise for your talent, charm and desolation. You not only decorate the Grand View Garden of literature with beautiful poems, but also leave many precious memories for later generations with your brave and unyielding spirit, patriotic feelings and romantic love stories.