Other people's mothers are in charge of beauty, while my mother is really in charge of busyness.


In the weekly cleaning, the most housework is done by mom. His hands methodically do everything, from time to time to stand up, support the waist for a while, but also occasionally rub the sleeve to her forehead, wipe the large crystal sweat. Short hair tied to one side, finished the meal has not been untied apron stained with dust and water, what a good picture of labor!


I didn't know how to do it before. Even if I learned to draw, I didn't know how to do it at once.

之前不明白手抄报内容如何做,即便 是学过绘画的我,也不是一下便会的。

Mother's painting is small and fresh, even the hand copied newspaper seems to be full of mint aroma. The dog and cat displayed flexibly on the hand copied newspaper, just like the real one, lifelike. So, almost every class board newspaper has my hand copied newspaper.


“ Did you draw this? Have a good look


“ This is my mother's painting


Now even my brother's hand copied newspaper is contracted by my mother.


Maybe, without mom, there would be no such things!


Besides what mom does for us, it's one aspect of Mom - stay at home mom, and she has another aspect - accounting.


In winter and summer vacation, I went to my mother's company when I had time. As soon as I arrived at the company, my mother entered the working state: the sound of typing crackled, and from time to time I turned over my notebook and stopped to make records. Sometimes, there's a phone call