Tip 1




She has black and soft hair, which is neatly rolled to the back, tied into a horsetail, and some bangs in front. A duck face, there is a high bridge of the nose, nostrils small nose, her body is very symmetrical, but the body is short, a little regret!


Tip 2




She can recite a lot of poems. Once, I worshipped her as a teacher, because she was the king of reciting poems among the four universities. So I asked, "how can I recite poems quickly and well?" She said, "recite the first sentence first and remember it well; Then recite the second sentence, remember, the two sentences back together; Then recite the third sentence, remember, sentence by sentence back to back... "Are you kidding me? I can do that, too! I have some doubts that she has the secret in her heart!

她会背许多诗,有一次,我都拜她从师,由于她是四大尖子生之背诗老大,因此我询问:“怎样才能背诗背的快又准?”她讲:“先背下第一句,记好;再背下第二句,记牢后,几句连到背;再背下第三句,记牢后,一句一句连到背……”你是逗我吗?这方式 因为我会呀!我有一些猜疑她把窍门藏在心中了!

Tip 3


Wechat Moments


Her friends are: her deskmate, team member and Zhang hanyue. In the first semester of grade one and grade two, she often played with Zhang hanyue. Now she chats with her deskmate and team member or goes out to play as soon as class is over.


Tip 4




One day, she asked me if I wanted a red envelope, and I answered, "yes!" She hit me and asked me if I wanted to step on red. I thought it was "Rainbow" and she just stepped on me. It turns out that "Rainbow" is different from "red"! Cunning guy!


She is very humorous. One day, I said, "let's go to a football match." She said, "good!" So, we came to the fitness equipment on the edge of the football field, and then climbed up the top of the small ladder to watch the game. Suddenly, she said, "it's not a game." I turned to her and asked, "why isn't this a ball game?" She said: "this is a ball dish, because when you just turn your head, a ball flies up into the sky, but it falls about 2 meters away from the starting point. They are really delicious!"