“ Looking up at the sky and laughing and going out, we are not punters. "Li Bai is unruly.


In 742, after receiving the imperial edict from Emperor Xuanzong of Tang Dynasty calling him to Beijing, 42 year old Li Bai was very excited. He thought it was time for him to realize his political ideal. He immediately went home to say goodbye to his children, and wrote "farewell to children in Nanling" to express his joy of being an official in the palace, which showed that he was not willing to be ordinary and had great ambition; People all say that Li Bai is arrogant, but they don't know that Li Bai is so uninhibited. In Li Bai's idea, he is free, and he should not be constrained by anyone. He also expresses and shares his true feelings with the world. In the poem "farewell to the children in Nanling", Li Bai's feelings of being an official in Beijing are vividly expressed.


“ Raise a glass to invite the bright moon and make three people to the shadow. " Li Bai is lonely.


Li Bai's biggest hobby is drinking. He likes to drink with his relatives and friends. But that time Li Bai went to drink alone under the moon because he didn't want to share his best wine with others? No, because he didn't have anyone to drink with him, he felt very lonely, so he took the moon and his shadow as two drinking companions. In fact, he only drank at night alone, which is the reason why "three people" is written in the poem“ "Three people" made Li Bai from lonely to not lonely, and then from not lonely to special lonely.


“ Li Bai is optimistic.