In the third grade, a new female classmate came to our class: Xiao Han. She has a beautiful long hair, white face, a pair of big eyes flashing light. I don't know why the teacher arranged for her to sit beside me. In the first half of the year, we didn't talk much and we had a bad relationship.


Until one day, because of traffic jam, when I got to the school gate, the bell rang loudly. In order to catch up with the morning reading and not be late, I ran all the way, but at the moment when I entered the classroom door, I tripped over the broom by the door and fell to the ground. My whole lip was swollen, but I couldn't get up in pain. The students burst into laughter. It's her, it's Xiaohan, only she came over, squatted down and asked me: "Yulin, how are you? Can you get up? " I lie on the ground, lips pain can't say words, just forced to nod. At this time, teacher Qin appeared at the door of the classroom. She gave a brief account of the incident, and then my father drove me to the hospital


The next day, when I got to school, my classmates saw my lips and everyone laughed that I was "sausage". She, and she, not only did not laugh at me, but also asked other students not to laugh at me.


On the third day, my wound became inflamed. I asked for two months' leave, which led me to miss two months' course. After my injury was healed, the teacher often didn't understand me in class. It's her, and it's her, who helps me to make up for the two-month courses bit by bit during recess.

第三天,我的伤口感染了。我休假了2个月,造成 我落下来了2个月的课程内容。我的伤好啦之后,听老师讲课时常常听不明白。是她,也是她,运用课间活动時间,一点一滴地帮我把2个月的课程内容所有补上。

Unfortunately, in the fifth grade, because her parents were going to work in Taiwan for three years, no one took care of her during that time, so she had to go back to her hometown to live with her grandparents. So, she transferred.