Last summer vacation, my family came to a guest, I call him tiger brother, because he is my aunt's son, and his nickname is tiger tiger, so I call him tiger brother.


Brother Hu, like me, lived in the city. Although he only lived for 19 days, he also left a deep impression on me and formed a deep affection with me. Tiger brother, he is tall, fat, a pair of not too big and not too small eyes, especially God, give people a sense of wisdom. Two thick eyebrows, angular mouth, there are two small dimples beside the mouth. Although he is only 16 years old, he looks very mature. Tiger, he is very diligent. In those days when I came to my house, I helped my mother to work, sweep the floor, clean the table, buy vegetables and so on. Also took the time to teach me a lot of knowledge of junior one.


Time flies. It's time for me to go to school again. Every time after school, no matter how late, I have to wait for him to come out of the classroom and go home together. Of course, brother tiger no longer lives in my home. When I say "go home together", I mean that brother tiger will send me home first, and then he will go back to his home slowly.


I remember one morning, it rained furiously. I said: "tiger brother, under such a heavy rain, how to go to school?" As he took his umbrella, he said: | is this light rain frightening you? Come on, come on With that, he squatted down slowly. I worried and said: "you don't carry me..." he said with a smile: "you are only heavy, I'm so big body, I'm afraid you can't carry. Even if I'm in my 60s, you're still my little brother. " I smile, obedient lying on the back of tiger brother. Rain eyes see more and more big, I hold an umbrella tightly lying on tiger brother's back. Shaking in the wind and rain, he walked forward with one foot deep and one foot shallow. He said, "hit the umbrella back, Feng Feng, your back medicine is wet." But I didn't move. Finally came to the school, put me down, see my clothes wet, then painfully asked me: "is it very cold?" Then he took off the warm clothes and put them on for me.