She has a melon face, a pair of big eyes, water smart, high nose, small mouth, black hair, is really a little beauty. Who is she? She is my good friend Xiao Li, a friend I admire most.


Once, she invited me and some female students in her class to her home. When we arrived at her home, she went to cut fruit for us and went to the kitchen to find snacks. She was very busy and enthusiastic. Later, seeing that we like to eat a kind of snack, we quickly took out a lot of snacks. Looking at the snacks she took out, I, as a good friend, pulled her aside and said, "how did you take out your favorite snack? And it's yours for a week. We're finished. What do you eat? " She laughed and said to me, "if you like to eat, just eat more. Next week I'll buy it from my mother, and I'll eat it again. It's nothing!" Then he took me and sat back to chat with other students.


She is not only warm and generous, but also tolerant.


Once, when several male students in the class were fighting, they accidentally knocked over her desk, tearing the exercise papers and several extra-curricular books that she had just handed out, and scraping the water cup. Those male students suddenly silly eyes, they know that if Xiao Li told the teacher, they will inevitably be punished. When they bowed their heads one by one and came to apologize to Xiao Li, Xiao Li didn't fly into a rage. He just said with a smile, "it's OK, but don't fight in the classroom next time. It's not good to hurt others and yourself. If you are known by the teacher, you will be criticized. " That's what the boys said. When they want to use their own test paper to replace the one Xiao Li tore up, Xiao Li quickly stopped and said, "it's OK, it's OK. I'll go back and stick it." The boys are embarrassed.