In the past nine years, I have known a lot of people, and the one I know most is my mother.


My Chinese is usually very good, a mid-term exam, but only 79. 5 points, I cried, my mother saw, came to me and said: "don't cry, baby. It's no use crying. The main thing is to know why you are wrong and correct your mistakes in time. " So, my mother and I carefully analyzed the wrong questions on the test paper, and remember the wrong questions on the test paper. Because I am low in the exam, I usually study very seriously. Finally, I got a high score in the final exam. I happily forgot everything. My mother came to me and said, "don't be proud. The most important thing is attitude, not grades."

我的语文课平常学得特别好,一次期中考试,但是只考了79。五分,我伤心欲绝痛哭,母亲看到了,走回来对我说:“别哭,商品。哭是没有用的,主要是要了解自身为何不对,并立即纠正自身的不正确。”因此,我与妈妈仔细地剖析了考卷上的错题集,并记住了考卷上的错题集。由于我考低了,因此 我平时学得尤其用心。期末考果真考入了高考试成绩,我兴高采烈忘记了一切,母亲看到了走回来对我说:“不必自豪,最重要的是心态,而不是考试成绩。”

Once, when I was riding a bike in my father's school, my bike was too fast. There was a stone in front of me. I was just about to stop, but I didn't stop. The bike fell down. I fell off my bike and my leg hurt. My mother said to me, "does it hurt? It doesn't matter. Hold on and stand up bravely. Mom knows you are the best Encouraged by my mother, I bravely stood up and rode forward after a ten minute rest.


When I was playing football at home, I broke the flowerpot. My mother criticized me and said, "who let you play football at home? I told you how many times to play football in the corridor. A flowerpot is so expensive. Can you afford it? Kick me in the hallway. " Through my mother's criticism, I understand a lot of truth.


Another time, when I was doing a test paper, I had a very difficult question, I couldn't do it. I asked my mother, and her mother said, "think more, don't ask my mother as soon as there is a question that I can't do, and ask my mother again if I can't do it in ten minutes." I thought about it for five minutes and finally solved the problem. I learned to think for myself.