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It rained again. It hit the window and the stream. It was so clear and beautiful. Xiaoxiao accompanied me to sleep.


In the morning, I open the window. A smell of grass came to my nose. The rain stopped, but the dew on the leaves is still so clear and clear.


I walk on the way to school, see a few pure white dandelion, they swing hard with the wind. A wave, the white fluff on the wind, I grabbed it. The fluff lying in the palm of my hand is carried away by the wind. They are floating and floating, as if they are going to float to the unknown distance. Appreciating this beautiful scene, there is always an unspeakable taste, so weak but emitting light.


The leaves are green and yellow, yellow and green. Isn't that the wonderful melody of nature? All year round, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season contains the uniqueness of nature, and each season shows the unique beauty of nature.


Nature is beautiful.


The sun in summer is always so poisonous that people can't open their eyes. So quietly, spring is over. Flowers are still so exuberant, not afraid of the blazing sun.


Oh! It's Chrysanthemum. There are some blooming chrysanthemums in the flowers. They are summer flowers.


It turns out that when nature changes dynasties, it will also send messages to human beings. Isn't that what's wonderful about it?