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Changes of zhuyiba in Fengjie


Yuan Zuoxuan, Liaoning primary school, Fengjie County, Chongqing


When I was a child, there was a legend in my hometown: in the Three Kingdoms period, Liu Bei came to Fengjie from Chengdu, the kingdom of Shu to do business. He wanted to build a palace in Kuizhou (now Fengjie County). He sent people to inspect three places: Fengjie old County near Baidi City, Pinggao Shangba 30 miles north of the city, Zhuyi dam 20 miles west of the city. So they sent people to dig a liter of soil from each of the three places to weigh it. They found that the place with the heaviest soil per liter was where the palace was built. The final ranking is: today's Fengjie Laoju City, zhujiaba, Pinggao Shangba. Finally, it was carefully decided to select the place close to the confluence of Meixi River and Yangtze River. So the site is located in the old county of Fengjie.


However, with the impoundment of the Three Gorges power station more than 175 meters, the old Fengjie County was flooded. After repeated scientific investigation and demonstration by national water conservancy and geological experts, the new Fengjie County was gradually moved from Baotaping and sanmahou mountain in the landslide zone to zhuyiba.


You see, today's new high-rise buildings in zhuyiba have sprung up. Yufeng Expressway passes by the Bank of zhuyiba, and the traffic is developed. In the past, Zhuyi river was just a seasonal river, which was tame and obedient in spring and autumn and winter. But every summer, heavy rain. Every time a mountain torrent breaks out, it is accompanied by a mud rock flow. Every year, it almost takes away the tragic scenes of 1-5 people. It made the local villagers nervous and said. At the same time, the dense crops on the dam were immediately swept away by the flood, and the waves were surging. People looked at the river and sighed. If the sky is not beautiful, it will lead to reduced crop production and polluted river water.