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On the lawn, the grass sticks out its head and breathes fresh air. Flowers have also opened, there are peony, Impatiens, cockscomb, dahlia, they dress seasonally, open in order, simple with a bit gorgeous, showing a unique farm scenery. Look at the white sheep. You are at ease.


Although the houses on the hillside are small, they are scattered and have a unique flavor! There is a smoke rising on the roof of a house, like a white dragon flying towards the sky, oh, there is a farmer cooking!


If you go out for a walk in the summer evening, you often see people in the countryside having dinner. They move the table, chair and food to the front of the door, and eat it in the sky. The rosy clouds in the sky, the breeze in the evening and the birds flying over their heads are all their good friends. Together with the countrymen, they form a natural and harmonious landscape.

  若是在夏季的黄昏出来 散散步,经常会瞧见乡下人家在吃晚餐的场景。他们把桌椅板凳饭食搬到门口,天高地阔的吃起來。天上的霞光,向晚的微风,头顶掠过归巢的小鸟,全是她们的朋友,他们和农村人一起,融成了一幅当然,和睦的当然风景图画。

In front of the house, there is a large golden rape field, like a golden ocean. Flowers in a winding path, like a long dragon, very beautiful



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