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作文网专稿 没经容许不可转截

The color of autumn was praised by the ancients. Although sad and decadent, but this incomplete autumn is very charming, let me have endless feelings.


When we talk about autumn, we have to start with its color. Autumn, the original green leaves have become yellow, the yellow leaves in the tree tottering, in the afternoon sun shining, become golden, so dazzling. At night, without the company of the stars and the moon, it will hide in the dark, not face to face with anyone, as if waiting for something.


Bright moonlight occasionally will have, it gives leaves to shine, let it become bright. For this kind of scene, many people are very sad: poor this green leaf, this autumn has absorbed their essence, only body left. No more bright is just the moment of the picture of the Jiao. However, I think such autumn is very charming, I gradually fell in love with this incomplete autumn, this incomplete beauty.


walked under the Wutong tree, and the leaves fell from me. I reached for a piece of dead leaves and sighed, "leaves are not the summons of the wind, but the abandonment of the trees!" In this abandonment, I appreciate the fragmentary beauty. Stepping on these fallen leaves, it will be silent, it does not want to tell me its loneliness, but I can feel it. Leave may also be a kind of relief, in the days of disability alive will also find that loneliness is also unique.