Summer is the world of flowers. The pond is full of lotus: red, pink, goose yellow, snow white... All kinds. In the garden. Snow White Jasmine is as beautiful as the incarnation of a fairy, attracting you; Jasmine alone, even shy Mimosa, comes out to see the beautiful nature; and the morning glory scrambles to climb up the fence and fence. Summer is beautiful. Beautiful dress, beautiful flowers, green grass, green grove, blue sky, white clouds. It's nice to have children come and take the strawberry juice from the fridge to entertain them. It is interesting to be in summer. During the day, you can read books, listen to music and play chess in the shade of thick trees. At night, you can sit on a bamboo chair, listen to the cricket singing and look at the stars. It is free in summer. We can take the net to fish, take the bucket to catch crabs, and make our own delicious food. Summer is a happy and charming season, and it is a season we love.