Yili Snow's first visit to Yili is a hot and dry midsummer season. The particles in the air are much larger than those in other places, blocking the pores. When you come back to the room at night, your nostrils are very dry. If you accidentally lower your head, a piece of dry and black hard things will fall down, and your nose will be sour. For smokers, this situation is too common. Let's not talk about this boring and disgusting weather. In a word, it's past. I hope you won't trouble me next year. As the saying goes, time does not leave people! In the twinkling of an eye, the cold current of Siberia blew, took away the summer heat, and also sent away a lot of joy and sorrow. What's left is the coolness that I don't quite adapt to. Now it seems to occupy all the space, and sometimes it becomes more rampant. You have to be a little bit defensive about it. This is not, snow quietly, very unobtrusive to come. This reminds me of the poem of Cen Shen, a poet of the middle Tang Dynasty, in "white snow song to send judge Wu back to Beijing": "suddenly, like a spring breeze, thousands of pear trees bloom." The speed of snow is amazing. Ili's snow came quietly. When all things fell asleep, it came to a familiar place that we had not seen for a long time, and selflessly covered us with warm snow-white plumes. It's like a mother covering her sleeping baby with a thick quilt at night. The winding mountain road of nilek is covered, the eight trigrams of Tex is more magnificent, and the yilitqu of Xinyuan county is not more mellow. Walking on the Yizhao highway, there are thousands of walls on both sides, strange peaks and rocks, covered with snow, silver. Standing on the top of the mountain, looking around, you may have the exclamation of "birds flying away from thousands of mountains, and people disappearing from thousands of paths". But don't meditate, don't understand. You can imagine that this is Guilin Scenery, Jiuzhai odd ditch, mountains and rivers, water and spirit, and the essence of heaven and earth. You can also open your mind, step forward and enjoy yourself. Snowflakes fall all over the sky like goose feathers. Gently, gently on the roof, on the grass, on the mountain. For a while, the earth was white, as if the whole world was silver white, shining. Snow fell on the ground, so pure, so crystal clear, people can't bear to step on it. The snow in my hometown is a little neutral, neither soft nor hard. It's usually gone with the wind for two or three days. Now I think of it, that was a few years ago. It hasn't snowed in recent years. Compared with the snow in Ili, it's a little worse. I have also experienced the snow in Nantong, just for a while, just a little bit. You have to cherish it. Sometimes it visits secretly. At night, you have to look for it with a flashlight. If you miss it, you will miss it. During the day, you will not leave any trace. I think the snow in the south is a little delicate. It's like a 17-year-old girl who doesn't show up easily. Even if she is found, she will never stay for a while. It's really not easy to do if she wants to take a bow and kiss. She will cross the "moral" line of defense! Snow in the northwest is the symbol of life in Ili. Compared with the southern snow, it looks very tough. It's OK to hold it in your arms. Once the snow came, it was very fierce, very cold, not as quiet and gentle as when it first arrived. It will sprinkle on the body, surround the body, plug into the mouth and drill into the chest. It has to "toss" you enough. Snow is spiritual. After visiting the master, she went back to the field and stayed quietly, without disturbing the people and animals. Back to the place to return, moistening the crops, breeding new life. The ancients said: in winter, the wheat cover is three-layer, and the next year, sleep with steamed bread. This sentence can be applied in the northwest and northeast. If it is in the south, I'm afraid it will take a few discounts. Can the snow in Ili carry my feelings across mountains and seas to my dreamer? You can not be too stingy, decorate the earth, beautify the sky, but also to run my dry dream. oh Snow