Hibiscus Flower gently swirled in the air, then fell on the lake, rippled layer upon layer, and also opened the girl's mind... < / P > < p > it was night, there was no moonlight, only fireflies flying under the trees, as if they were guarding something. It is in this moonless night that the girl nestles up to the hibiscus tree and listens to the old man's story about the hibiscus girl < p > "grandma, did the last teenager come back?" The girl asked. Seeing that the old man didn't respond, she shook the old man again. The old man seemed to pull out from the distant past and sighed: "well, it's not suitable after all!" It's like sighing, it's like affirming < p > but, or maybe not, but... < / P > < p > the sun is shining, and the frogs in the pond are croaking, as if they are dissatisfied with summer or life. Under the hibiscus tree, he cried angrily: "Mom, what do you say? You're going to dad? You don't see how old you are. What are you doing here? "“ Elder sister, keep your voice down and ask the neighbors in the street to hear it. It's not good. Mom, you say that you are really granddaughter's age. You can't share it with the children, just give us more trouble. " Aunt Yin Yang strange airway. Looking at Grandma's pale hair, thinner cheeks, and more wrinkles. I pulled my mother, and her mother looked at her grandmother heartily and said, "Mom, go ahead, I'll support you. Don't say" elder sister "and" elder sister ". Is it so easy for mom to pull us three? When we are old, we have to look after our children. Can't we have our own ideas? It's settled. " With the occurrence of the accident, the family dinner did not get together < p > afterwards, grandma sobbed under the hibiscus tree alone. I held her hand and found out what kind of hands they were. They were blue and black, bony, rough as old bark, and cracked with blood. Looking at them, I felt a twinge of pain in my heart and tears came out of my eyes. That is to say, these hands crumpled the miserable days and supported the whole family. I said to her, "grandma, if you want to go, you can go. You have done enough for this family. Why let these delay your pursuit of dreams?" < p > finally, grandma didn't go. She was defeated by a disease, heart disease. I think it's not the disease that defeated her, but the people's heart. Grandma did not choose to continue chemotherapy, but chose to go home. He knew how huge the cost in the hospital was, and she did not want to add burden to her children < p > one afternoon, grandma was basking in the sun under the hibiscus tree with her picture, and I was with her. A gust of wind blowing, all the hibiscus flowers on the tree slide, I said to Grandma: "this hibiscus tree flowering also to the end of it?" The only answer to me is the silent wind < p > maybe grandma's life is like a dream, which starts in the dream of Hibiscus blossom and ends after the failure of Hibiscus blossom. The dream is gorgeous but miserable < p > tears ran down my face, grandma, now the hibiscus flower is defeated, do you want to leave