Time is in a hurry, the years are like a song. In the endless laughter, we spent one unforgettable spring and summer together; In the midst of hardship, we embrace each other tightly; Witness our friendship in the footsteps of time. In that golden age, we, together, inseparable < p > when you first went to school, you were like a girl with a halo, shining everywhere, like a queen with a lot of confidence, which I felt at the beginning. Indeed, you with long hair like a waterfall, you with black eyes, you who are enough to make the flowers in the world laugh for you, and you who are clear and beautiful, stand in the crowd and let us submit. It's like, "come on, call me voice queen." Yes, you meet my standards. You are my only queen < p > however, a queen with temperament and guard of honor, I do not know why, left behind in that time stolen years. You seem to stay there, and you seem to leave, gone forever, disappeared in my world, no longer be my queen. I don't know where you went, will you come back, do you know I'm still waiting for you? I don't know everything, as if you never appeared in my world Maybe I lost you. The most ridiculous thing is that I know clearly that when you are going to be far away from me, I failed to fulfill my friend's responsibility, failed to hold you in time and let you pursue your so-called eternal love without hesitation. At that time, rebellious you, young and frivolous you, like a runaway wild horse, can't say, can't listen, scold and ignore. I don't know how to help you, or at that time, I just looked at you as a bystander like others. When I saw that you were bent on going the wrong way, I couldn't help you. At least, I didn't insist on saving you < p > you are no longer the queen, you no longer exist. So that when you and I are strangers and go our separate ways, I don't know how you fade out of my world. It's like I've become a passer-by in your life, a passer-by, a stranger in comparison, and even a stranger I've never met. I don't know how to face you, and I can't accept the fact that my queen has disappeared. Besides being ashamed of you, I don't know what else I can dream of you < p > I only wish you, far away, a happy ending. Years, I entrust my queen to you, please treat her well