Indifferent to the world, indifferent to the feelings < p > some people want a safe life, others want a rich life; Like green lotus, like peony. Peony even if good, but someone more phase in Qinglian, so that the share of indifferent, like clouds like gently scattered. Down secular, there are a few people can not change the situation; How many people can talk and laugh In ancient times, there was a man who was indifferent to the situation. Close your eyes, you have a dream and are fascinated by butterflies; Open your eyes, it is between heaven and earth < p > Chuang Sheng's dream is full of butterflies. When is the dream clear and bright; When faint, back to the world. The indescribable will lingers in the heart, is that the dream is too real, or the dreamer is too excited. True and false, can not bear to be divided < p > you used to have that clear Koizumi, with bright waves, clear and sweet, all of which are full of pure and carefree. Chuang Tzu is like a clear spring. He indulges in thoroughness and clearness, and gives people peace and distance. Or he transcends the world with a long, broad and deep mind, and is in the breeze. He who is in harmony with heaven and earth, who is in freedom with all things, will go to heaven and earth. You are happy and indifferent, and you can be indifferent. Suddenly realize that the philosophy under the spring is so profound, but you have already gone away < p > in the deep of the night, you should pay attention to the bright moon in the sky. With a bright moon, you can see thousands of moon shining in the sky. Night breeze caresses, ushers in some shallow solitude, light solitude“ The friendship between gentlemen is as light as water ", maybe it will make you no longer sad. Huizi's leaving is like water falling and fog rising. It is tens of thousands of tears and endless sorrow, but you are just a sad thought of parting, and then gradually go back to seclusion. Originally, your mind has been so indifferent, let me silence, silence, and then is full of exclamation: only willing to hold the moon and long end < p > if you want to seek freedom and find the warmth that belongs to you, you'd rather be a koi than a master. Smile refused Chu visitors, return to the foot of the breeze. You can be affectionate to every plant and enjoy the grass hall along the river bank < p > I want to touch your innocence, but I see you standing alone in the cold pavilion from afar, leaving Qingyuan behind. Inexplicable, stop the pace of chasing, intoxicated in the curl of smoke on your side; In a trance, it seems that after many years, the smoke has gone away. It turns out that it's the kind of unreachable, love is not drunk, just to understand a little bit of your secular aversion. Again to find, looking for your trace, twists and turns, looking for, I look forward to, see your light trace < p > the green lotus is enchanted by butterflies, clouds and smoke surround Koizumi, reflect the lonely moon, and the koi falls into the blue smoke