In our life, there are many kinds of people, including teachers, workers, peddlers, craftsmen and so on. What impressed me most was the grandmother who swept the floor in our lianri Huadu community. She is very ordinary, easy to be ignored, but she is also a part of our community, what she does is extraordinary.


Her task is to clean the three stairs and sweep the leaves, but she does such a simple thing meticulously. Sprinkle a little water and wipe the first staircase all the way to the fifth floor. One building she wants to do this over and over again 95 times, three buildings is 285 times! What a patient and persistent old man he is. Moreover, every time you clean the first floor and see which house has garbage, you will take it down by the way. Who forgot to pull out the key, she knocked on the door and motioned for others to take it down. If any cushion is crooked, she pushes it with her feet. And never let the mop spill a little water when she's gone. Often go down, she already sweating, keep panting. But she didn't say a word of complaint. After a while, she went to clean the next building.


When she sweeps the leaves, she is no less serious than when she cleans the stairs. When all the fallen leaves were gathered together, she did not hesitate for a moment. She immediately took out the big bag and quickly put the fallen leaves into the big bag and became a "prisoner in prison". At this time, she tied up the bag and went to sweep other leaves. If it's all finished, she doesn't rest. The old man asks her to talk and talk. She just raises her hand and says, "I don't have that spare time. I have a lot of work to do." In this case, she would often go to the gate and fill boiling water with an electric kettle to carry it to the gate. As long as the gatekeeper thanks, she will put on a proper look, "thank you, anyway, everyone is together, carrying a pot of water is nothing, no need to thank."