Haruki Murakami said: you have to be an adult quietly.


About youth, I have never had a fixed answer, I never feel so urgent need to mature.


My stepfather, he is not tall, looks a little thin, bearded, and even sometimes his hair is messy. He is a construction worker. Whenever he came home and sat next to me eating with all his mud and ashes, I didn't like it or even got bored. Maybe I have never had a father's love since I was a child. I am always estranged from him. Once he used my pen, I deliberately found fault with him and had a quarrel with him. He looked at me like a child at a loss and listened to me slamming the door. I don't know what it's like when a father is hurt by his children. When the fire is burning in my heart, I lose myself and can't see what he has done for me.


At that time, I was extremely unreasonable, and I couldn't accept a kind of sudden emotion sweeping my life like a tornado. As I became more and more angry, he was unexpectedly kind to me, which made me at a loss. He often accompanies me to study. When I can't think of a math problem, he often helps me to give me some tips and brag about how good my math lessons are when I study. Finally, once I couldn't help but burst out and yelled at him: "you're so powerful, why are you still a worker?" I will never forget the surprise in his eyes, full of injuries.


All of a sudden, the parents' meeting, which was always attended by his mother, was entrusted to him. While I was complaining, I saw him wearing the shirt he used to wear when he was on a blind date with my mother. His shirt was ironed neatly, his beard was shaved clean, and his hair was combed into 37 points, greased and slick. When I saw his dress, at that moment, the high wall I had built for him for many years collapsed. His good memories of me were like silent movies. My nose was slightly sour, but I still didn't admit defeat. I still spoke to him in a hard voice. Since then, I have been so arrogant to him, our relationship has been close, and gradually I will act coquetry in front of him.