I roam in the sea of poetry in Song Dynasty, but there is a woman who can stand out, maybe because of her moving appearance, more likely because of her intoxicating poetry.


It is known that spring is coming in the snow. The plum trees are embellished with qiongzhi. The fragrant face is half open and charming. When the court, jade bath a new make-up wash. The winter blooming plum is as charming as the jasmine, and as graceful as the beauty, so extraordinary! It's like a beautiful and beautiful woman. What I love most is her words, every sentence is catchy, every sentence is a portrayal of her life.


Her words are cheerful.


“ Fight for crossing, fight for crossing, startle a pool of gulls and egrets. " At this time, she was playing with her partner on the boat, but she accidentally entered the lotus pool. She is lively, happy and free. I am intoxicated with the leisure and comfort of her life. I think what a yearning life it is“ Whether you know it or not, you should be green, fat, red and thin. " She loves and cherishes flowers. She is as moving and beautiful as flowers.


At that time is in the girl's she is so lost, two big eyes, keep flashing, cherry small mouth, is a pure appearance.


“ And shame to go, leaning on the door looking back, but smell the plum Her innocent appearance is just like the peach blossom blooming at the beginning of spring. She is shy and charming. I marvel at her beauty! I think her smile must be as beautiful as a flower. I also feel a kind of unspeakable beauty in the wind.