Today, I'm going to tell you a secret secretly that I have three grandmothers. I believe you will feel very strange after listening to my words. Some people will say, "how can there be at most two grandmothers in a person?" But my third grandmother is my grandmother's neighbor.


In September 1997, my mother finished her maternity leave and went to work. Who will take care of me? Grandma is still working because she is in poor health. Grandma lives in the countryside and doesn't adapt to the life in the city. Dad lives in the detachment and can't take care of me. This is a very difficult matter. My mother was too worried to sleep. Later, my grandmother recommended Ruo Xiong, her neighbor who had just retired. She was 50 years old, short, with curly hair, big round eyes, and kind and amiable.


When I heard that I met her for the first time, only seven months later, I opened my hands and threw myself into her arms. I was not afraid at all. Grandmother and mother happily said: "it's really fate ah, this time we can be at ease."


From then on, during the day, my mother would send me to Ruo Xiong's grandmother's house when she went to work, and in the evening, she would pick me up after work.


When I was a child, I was short of calcium, so it was easy to wake up. I always made a lot of noise after half an hour's sleep. This was patient. Granny Ruo Xiong picked me up and gently shook me. She didn't put me down until I fell asleep, and she didn't rest for a while with her hands sore. The most troublesome thing is that I defecate at will, so my grandmother started the whole family to clean up and clean me every day. I have a poor appetite. My grandmother always feeds me while playing games with me... After a few months, she has lost ten jin, which is tiring!