In that clear summer night, I sat at the window, sitting on my homework.


When it's all finished, I'll do the hardest homework assigned by the teacher. I gently called my grandmother to her side and said, "grandma, you are tired. Let me wash your feet." Granny Leng for a while, do not believe to say: "granddaughter, what do you say?" Without saying a word, I quietly picked up the big blue basin, poured a little hot water into it, and called grandma over again. Grandma came over suspiciously. I asked her to sit on a small chair. I took grandma's towel off the shelf and poured some cold water. This just said to her: "grandma, you used to wash my feet, today I'll help you wash it!" Grandma was stunned again and nodded. I gently lifted my grandmother's feet down, dipped them in water, and gently scrubbed them with a towel. My grandmother left tears and said, "my child, I've helped you wash your feet for 12 years, and now I finally repay you!" After hearing this, I let go of my work. She didn't know that it wasn't my voluntary work. It was the teacher's assignment! " So I also shed tears excitedly.


4. I wash grandma's feet


This evening, grandma wanted to go to bed very early. Before going to bed, I said to grandma, "grandma, let me help you wash your feet." Grandma said happily: "good! Good! Let my good granddaughter wash my feet Just do it.


First of all, I boil the water first. After boiling, I put the water into the foot basin. After putting it in the foot basin, put cold water in it. After putting cold water at a suitable temperature, take the water to the living room. Grandma put her feet in it. Finally, she began to help grandma wash her feet. When I wash my grandmother's feet, I pick her itch! Make Grandma laugh. I asked granny, "Granny, wait a minute, can you help me wash my feet?" "Grandma said:" do not want to wait for your smelly feet will make Grandma smoked dizzy