When my sister sweetly calls "sister" behind me, many people will turn their envious eyes on me, but who knows how many grievances I have experienced behind my sister?

当我表妹在我背后甜甜地叫着“亲姐姐”时,很多人 都是会把一种艳羡的眼光看向我,但是谁知道,我这个当亲姐姐的身后是经历了是多少的憋屈呢?

My sister is "unable to put down" my toys, a little silent, a beautiful toy was her "disabled". But my mother often asked me to forgive my sister in the name of "I am a sister". Once, I just took a lovely "Pikachu" doll home, turned around and went out to drink water. Unexpectedly, my sister took advantage of this opportunity to run into my room and "paint" on "Pikachu" with my red water-based pen. At this time, I went back to the room, a look, my doll has become a "big face"! I yelled at my sister, and my mother came after me. My mother first advised me to go out with words like "you are my sister", and then told my sister a few words in a soft voice. Then she turned around and left the room, while my sister was still rummaging in the room. Alas! Why is it so unfair? I closed my eyes in disappointment.

亲妹妹对我喜欢的玩具算作“欲罢不能”了,稍没留声,一个好看的小玩具就被她变成了“伤残人”。而母亲却常常以“我是亲姐姐”的为名来要我宽容亲妹妹。有一次,刚刚把一个讨人喜欢的“比卡丘”小孩带回去,转过身出来 饮水。殊不知亲妹妹借着这一空档跑进了我屋子,拿着我的鲜红色水性笔在“比卡丘”头顶“绘画”。这时候,我返回屋子,一看,我的小孩早已变成了一个“大花脸”!我吼了亲妹妹几句,母亲闻此声赶到。母亲起先用“你是亲姐姐”这类得话将我劝了出来 ,随后用柔和的响声给亲妹妹讲了一两句大道理,接着转过身离开了屋子,而亲妹妹则仍在屋子里过来陪你。唉!为何那么不合理?我心寒的闭到了双眼。

My sister also likes to play with me, but at some inappropriate time. Once, I was thinking about a difficult mathematical olympiad problem. I just had a clue. At this time, I heard my door "bang" was kicked open, and then, I heard my sister shouting: "sister - sister - play with me -" ah! " I broke down and yelled, as if my way had been destroyed by a bomb. Now, I have to go back to the starting point and start again.